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Public Financial Management Training

Online and in-person PFM training for governments, organizations and individuals.

ICGFM in collaboration with PFM Training Limited has developed a cutting-edge package of e-learning courses to assist individuals in their career development and to help governments train their staff to a higher standard. The Foundation course in Public Financial Management has been released and the Diploma course is due by the end of August.

ICGFM Foundation Course in PFM

Launch your career or level up your staff with the ICGFM Foundation Course in Public Financial Management. A practical course developed by PFM professionals for PFM professionals

Government/ Organisations

ICGFM Courses in PFM form an integral component of government and donor funded projects worldwide. In addition to the course itself a raft of services can be provided to support key activities. 

Government employees in training session

Partnering Training Institutions

Do you run international programmes that require a PFM element? We have extensive experience in joint-venture projects that deliver provable results. If you’re interested in collaboration, let’s talk!

Why Learn With ICGFM & PFM Training Ltd?


Excellence in Training

The team includes experience in providing training in public and private financial management spanning almost 50 years and covering most regions of the world


A totally modern approach

Courses take advantage of the latest ideas and technologies in e-learning to deliver effective training to students at multiple locations in a cost effective manner.



The team that has developed the training programmes includes academic trainers and seasoned professionals. This mix provides a unique combination of expertise embedded with in the training.



For decades, ICGFM and PFM Training have been working with governments  providing PFM training to over 169 countries world wide.

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