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The International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) has partnered with PFM Training Limited in the development and delivery of essential public !nancial management training courses. Why does this partnership make such a powerful training proposition?

ICGFM is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1978. It was founded by a distinguished group of international financial management professionals from government and academia.

ICGFM is comprised of government entities, university departments, private firms and professional associations who are dedicated to improving financial management around the world.

ICGFM’s dedication to excellence and unfettered access to a pool of highly qualified professionals sets ICGFM apart as an organisation that is uniquely qualified to deliver PFM Courses around the world.



PFM Training is in itself an impressive collaboration of professionals who have worked on projects and trained many others in the field of public financial management (PFM) all over the world.

PFM Training offers  a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in the development and implementation of governmental systems and PFM training projects using a variety of approaches.

Projects include in-person training, eLearning and often involve collaboration with national training and educational institutions to implement a sustainable system of continual learning that directly leads to measurable benefits for governments and citizens.

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