ICGFM e-Learning Portal

  • September 2022
    • Contact form entries no longer rejected as spam
      • No login for 10 days – to student
      • No login for 20 days – to student
      • No login for 30 days – to PFMT
      • Create a set of automated emails
    • Corrected WB2 case study: Foundation Workbook two and Manual
    • Added Recaptcha v3 form spam protection to contact form

Below is a list of improvements scheduled for the ICGFM courses and eLearning System

  • Create browser notifications for motivation
  • Instructionals
    • video to teach students how to use the system
    • Email shortly after to highlight the key points
  • Add a facility on each page to report an error or ask a question
  • Enhanced Login button
  • Include Download section in each Module
  • Add Resources to courses
  • Install a download manager
    Protects documents against unauthorised download/ hot-linking from other websites. Allows students to download documents with a very slow connection.
  • Create a set of automated emails
    • Congratulations after each exam
  • Create a system to allow users to report a problem from any page
  • Create an Awards page for badges and certificates
  • Remove shopping cart from eLearning pages
  • Make log in link look like a button and create login button for mobile site
  • Create a Dashboard for students once logged in
  • Create an orientation video to help students understand the software
  • Improve the look, feel and usability of in-course feedback forms
  • Student Reward & Incentive
    • Create ‘attaboy’ emails for logging in x times in a row or completing certain sections
    • Shareable badges for achievements (see LearnDash LMS – Achievements)
  • Create downloadable ‘audiobook’ versions of the videos
  • Start a regular newsletter for students with Learning tips, updates to the system and maybe some news that is relevant to the subject
  • Create a wall of fame
    • A ticker showing photographs and name of those who have recently passed.



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