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The ICGFM Foundation Course in Public Financial Management

The ICGFM Foundation course is an online e-learning course designed to cement the fundamentals of public financial management (PFM)

Students will develop a sound understanding of the fundamentals of PFM – budgeting, budget execution, accounting and reporting providing a foundation for day to day work and a basis for higher-level studies such as the ICGFM Diploma course.

Course Summary

Who is this course for?
Students of government, employees of government, officials and their advisors.

If you are interested in purchasing the course for PFM training within your organisation, please click here to see how we can help with reporting, supporting national training institutions and tutor support.

What do I need to know before taking the course?
This Foundation course assumes no prior knowledge of accounting or public financial management.

How will I learn?
All learning and testing is online. You will be guided through a series of workbooks and videos providing an understanding of the subject area. Case studies based on a fictitious country simulate real-world situations with Excel templates to complete and reinforce learning.

How long should the course take?
Study is self-paced so students can take time to properly understand the subject matter. We estimate 70 hours of study will be required by the average student.

Do students get a certificate?
If you complete the course and pass all of the assessments, you will be awarded a PFM Foundation Certificate by the ICGFM.

What Now?
If you are looking to improve your understanding of PFM or want to further your career or studies in this area then please enrol now to receive immediate access to the course. If you would like more information, simply fill in the form and we’ll email you a prospectus. If you want to enrol immediately, just click the button below to enrol.

Core Subject Areas

  • Overview of Public Financial Management
  • Government Accounting
  • Government Financial Reporting
  • Government Budgets
  • Advanced Budget Management
  • Institutions, Governance & PFM Reform

Average Study Time: 50-70 hours
Investment: $499

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