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The goal of the ICGFM Foundation Course is to provide students, government officials and their advisors with a solid, comprehensive grounding in Public Financial Management concepts, tools and basic principles.  

Who is this course for?
Students of government, employees of government, officials and their advisors.

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Why ICGFM Foundation Course?
This course has been developed by the ICGFM and PFM Training Limited from experience over many years of providing public financial management training and conferences in the UK, USA, Europe, Central, Southern and East Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Latin America and distance learning for students around the world.

The Foundation course has been an important part of an integrated PFM training programme in some countries and is being considered as the basis for future PFM training in others.

How does the course work?
At it’s the most basic level, students are enrolled online and are guided through a series of workbooks and videos providing an understanding of the subject area. Case studies based on a fictitious country simulate real-world situations with Excel templates to complete and reinforce learning.

How Else Can We Help?
We are able to tailor courses to fit your organisation’s requirements. This might include:-

  • Project and training management
  • Working with national trainers & training institutions
  • Locally developed material
  • Additional learning materials
  • Virtual classroom

Do students get a certificate?
Every student who passes will be awarded a PFM Foundation Certificate by the ICGFM.

What Now?
We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how the ICGFM Foundation course can help your organisation. Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

Core Subject Areas

  • Overview of Public Financial Management
  • Government accounting
  • Government financial reporting
  • Government planning & budgeting
  • Control and audit
  • PFM assessment and reform

50 CPE Credits available

Average Study Time: 50 hours
Investment: $500 

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