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Diploma Course in Public Financial Management

The Diploma in Public Financial Management (PFM) is a qualification designed for professionals, consultants, and government employees who wish to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in PFM. The diploma assumes some practical or academic familiarity with PFM and covers a wide range of topics (see below)


  • Module 1: Planning, performance measures, budget classification and chart of accounts, programme¬† and performance budgeting
  • Module 2: Fiscal and sector strategies, annual and medium-term budgets, budgets, environment, social, and governance (ESG) budgets, open budgets
  • Module 3: Budget execution, fund release, cash, debt, asset and liability management, revenue management, fiscal risk
  • Module 4: Accountability and transparency, financial reporting, IPSAS conceptual framework, cash and accrual IPSAS, transition from cash to accrual, IMF GFS
  • Module 5: Governance, accountability, transparency, internal control and audit, external audit, legislative scrutiny
  • Module 6: PFM assessment, the PEFA assessment framework application framework and utilisation, PFM reform strategies, acquiring and implementing financial management information systems, future PFM issues and challenges

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